Supporting Partners of SpagoWorld solutions

Supporting Partners are companies and organizations that are already using SpagoWorld solutions and want to highlight their knowledge, experience and to contribute to SpagoWorld global affirmation.

Agnos - Generando Conocimiento Agnos is an organization specialized in the technical implementation of business intelligence and data mining solutions supporting strategic decision making. Agnos belongs to ParqueSoft, the most important cluster of technology in Colombia and has a team of professionals who have experience implementing over a hundred software projects in small, medium and large companies located in Colombia, Canada and in the United States. Agnos has been developing technology solutions for Production Control and Business Portals, adding value to the Business Intelligence domain.

Cey-Digital Solutions Based in Sri Lanka, Cey-Digital Solutions is a technology company that provides applications for small and medium enterprises in various business domains. Thanks to its unique culture and expertise, the company provides customers with innovative products, together with a wide range of services focused on software development, the implementation of enterprise applications and business intelligence solutions.

Deedoc Consulting Founded in 1997 in Raleigh, North Carolina (USA), DeeDoc Consulting is an IT management firm, worldwide provider of information technology security. The company offers managed service applications and hardware, supporting its customers with a complete service offering. Thanks to its extensive knowledge and experience in this domain, DeeDoc Consulting is a key player in managing clients’ networks, focusing on monitoring, security, troubleshooting and regulatory compliance.

Dsource Inc. DSource Inc. is a Filipino-owned IT company, incorporated in 2008 and based in Ortigas Business Center, Philippines. Since 2008, DSource has been a proponent of open source software. As such, it aims to partner with Filipino companies and companies operating in the Philippines, making their business succeed and grow, by providing them with database software and solutions as well as with business technology optimization. The company is committed to the Open Source Software movement in the Philippines.

Elevondata Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Chicago, Elevondata is a data management consulting services provider with deep rooted information architects with hands on solution delivery and product management experience. Its expertise helps customers bridge divide between business & IT on data management projects, and organizations conceptualize, architect & build analytic solutions using open source and cloud technologies in enterprise information management space. Elevondata’s focus spans mission-critical data warehouses through agile & adaptive analytics, MDM, Data Governance, Data Quality Measurement, Cloud BI, Cloud Analytics, Big Data and IoT analytics.

Elitesystem Based in Ecuador, Elitesystem is a company committed to design, assess and implement technological tools and solutions to improve efficiency and effectiveness of small and medium enterprises.
The company offers a wide range of services focused on providing programming, installation and support of open source technologies.

Enrichsys Shanghai Enrich Information Technology Company Limited provides customers with software products and implementation services, also in the Business Intelligence domain. Thanks to a team of passionate experienced professionals, the company introduces advanced technology in China, with a growing presence at the international level, especially in the fields of retail, electronic information technology, aerospace and biologic medicine. The company is also committed to research and development activities, including the realization of a Cloud Business Intelligence platform.

Esenso Based in Macedonia, Esenso is a software company providing local and worldwide companies with software products, support and system integration services. Esenso is also specialized in Machine2Machine and Machine2Cloud technology. The company's collaborative culture fosters collective experience and insight allowing customers to improve their business, perform strategic decisions, and advance their competitive advantage.

Geosam Geosam is a consulting company based in Peru, specialized in providing geospatial solutions to private and public companies by using advanced technologies. Thanks to its specialists’ expertise, the company offers professional services in various domains, such as environmental management, sustainable development, land management, environmental education and geomatics.

Gesundheitsforen Leipzig GmbH Gesundheitsforen Leipzig GmbH has expertise in the development of software solutions with an analytical focus in order to support the decision making processes of public and private organizations. The company applies the latest models and algorithms for standard desktop-, client/server-, web- and mobile applications as well as software solutions customized to individual customer needs. For knowledgeable results the Leipzig (Germany) based Gesundheitsforen Leipzig connects expertise from the company's mathematicians, consultants & software architects, and draws it on its large network in the health market.

Itop Itop is a Spanish technology consulting company. It provides software consulting and implementation services, using both leading commercial solutions and open source ones, especially in the BI (SpagoBI suite), ERP/CRM, eCommerce, ECM and eLearning domains. The company is also specialized in software development for web and smartphone with strong focus on service quality. Thanks to a high qualified professional team and extensive business expertise, Itop has obtained many customer success stories in various fields in the private and public domain.

Manna Solusindo Based in Indonesia, Manna Solusindo combine industry experience, technology expertise, and practical understanding of real-world business in order to provide customers with proven solutions in Enterprise Resource Planning, Business Intelligence, Business Process Modeling & Digital Documentation and Custom Application Development. The company guides customers through smart business and technology decisions and supports them with a wide range of professional services. They constantly build internal capabilities to support new and emerging solutions that deliver true business value, creating a culture of creativity and innovation.

Naumen Company Naumen Company is a leading Russian developer of software solutions for enterprises and public authorities. The company’s areas of expertise include enterprise document management, call-centers, contact-centers, e-learning, CRM and Help Desk systems.

Orbilio Orbilio, a French company located in the heart of Marseille Innovation, guides customers, firms and public institutions, in the control of their information systems. Orbilio is an integrator of open source software specialized in software management and performance. Around major business areas (e.g. ERP, CRM, HR), Orbilio operates in three specific domains: Business Intelligence; data management and data integration; processes automation. The company’s mission focuses on the following two main objectives: supporting clients in reducing costs and fostering the adoption of free open source software.

Paxcel Established in 2003 and headquartered in India, Paxcel Technologies Pvt. Ltd. provides innovative and agile software solutions at the international level, meeting users' most challenging and mission-critical needs. This is the result of the company's continuous focus on research and development activities and the adoption of cutting-edge technologies. Moreover, Paxcel Technologies Pvt. Ltd. relies on a team of qualified, experienced and motivated professionals, dedicated to provide the market with high-quality solutions and services, not only in the Business Intelligence domain, but also in further areas, such as e-commerce, telecom, capital markets and insurance.

Relum RELUM is a Mexican consulting company specialized in providing development, support and implementation services on industrial solutions, especially in the areas of automatic identification, warehouse administration and automatization.
The company provides its customers with extensive knowledge and experience in this domain, to help them increase their productivity and world competitiveness.

Riab Riab Systems is a company specialized in the design, development and implementation of open source solutions in the retail industry domain. The company delivers a complete on-line SaaS Business Intelligence solution called Cloud Intelligence (, which is based on SpagoBI suite and supports the management and consolidation of customers’ data sources (e.g. B2B systems). The company also offers a complete service package including consultancy, support, development, deployment, maintenance and hosting of Business Intelligence platforms. The company is headquartered in Chile and its target market is South America.

Stratebi Stratebi is the Spanish leader in the Open Source Business Intelligence domain, based in Madrid and Barcelona. The company offers consultancy, development, support and training services. Stratebi is the founder of the main Spanish portal on Open Source Business Intelligence:

Sync Lab Sync Lab is a systems integrator operating at the national and international level, with decennial experience in various domains, such as Telco, Utilities, Finance, Large Scale Retailing and Public Administration. The company has a deep expertise and know-how on the design, implementation and governance of integration architectures (Enterprise Application Integration and Service-oriented Architectures) as well as on Business Intelligence, Business Process Management and Cloud Computing architectures, based on the main open source solutions available on the market. Thanks to the cooperation with the main Italian universities, the company offers a wide range of products focusing on various areas (e.g., geo-localization) that meet end-users' specific needs.

TreeTech Headquartered in Cluj-Napoca in Romania, TreeTech is an ICT company specialized in providing consulting services and managing integration projects based on open source and proprietary technology, thanks to multidisciplinary extensive expertise that brings real added value to customers’ business. The company considers technology as the key factor for achieving effective process modelling, developing strategic products and bringing sustainable innovation into the Security and Enterprise Application domains.

Vertizone Vertizone is a leading BI solution and service provider specializing in ETL, Data Management and Data Visualization. The company believes in bringing value to its customers thanks to the adoption of open source tools, including SpagoBI suite. Headquartered in India, Vertizone has several years of experience in successfully implementing Business Intelligence solutions for its customers located around the world, including the US, Europe, Australia and Hong Kong.

YIZHU Consulting Services Inc. YIZHU Consulting Services Inc. is a Canadian consulting company head-quartered in Toronto. It provides Business Intelligence software consulting and implementation services, using both proprietary solutions and open source ones, including SpagoBI suite. The company offers its expertise and high quality professional services to its customers, which operate in various fields in the private and public domain, such as governments, finance institutions and telecom companies.

webERP Africa Ltd webERP Africa Ltd, established in 2010 and headquartered in Kampala, Uganda, supports small, medium and large enterprises located in East Africa as well as worldwide, providing them with comprehensive solutions enabling business growth, efficiency and profitability. Thanks to their consolidated experience in industry, passion and commitment to deliver success, webERP Africa Ltd provides results that enable business value optimization.

Zidny Solutions Established in Egypt in 2013, Zidny Solutions is a leading software development company and specially web development with strong focus on service quality and client satisfaction.
The company is committed to offer innovative web applications and solutions that present considerable value for their employees, clients and final users. Zidny Solutions empowers small and medium and enterprise-level business with technology stack based on open source.

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