DIGEAC Project of Veneto Region Adopts Spagic as SOA/BPM Middleware of the New Integration Platform

Web Site: http://www.regione.veneto.it

The DIGEAC Project of Veneto Region handles the management of various processes coming both from external and internal applications, such as payment orders, Identity Access Management, digital signature, documents conservation, treasury services. To this end a new integration platform using Spagic as SOA/BPM middleware has been realized. This platform is compliant with CNIPA (Italian governmental agency) Interoperability guidelines.

The main requirements in the definition of the architecture have been: reliability, robustness, high service availability and performances. Spagic improves the efficiency of all the actors involved in integration processes: architects, developers, system and services managers.

Spagic provides the following advantages:

  • adoption of an open source SOA/BPM Integration Platform to implement CNIPA Interoperability guidelines
  • reuse of services already present in IT Veneto Region
  • an easy integration of all applications by means of the visual tool Spagic Studio
  • a single interface managing the entire infrastructure.

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