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SpagoWorld Newsletter N°45 - December 2012


SpagoBI 2013 roadmap; new scheduled training courses on SpagoBI suite; outcomes of SpagoWorld's participation in various international events; new Training Partner for SpagoBI in Columbia.

SpagoWorld wishes you Season's greetings and Best wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year!

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SpagoBI 2013 roadmap: a turning point with SpagoBI 4.0!

The detailed planning of SpagoBI 4.0 is ready, going towards a new turning point in the continuous growth of the 100% open source Business Intelligence suite. SpagoBI 4.0 will be characterized by high usability, innovative features and a brand new appeal, making SpagoBI be the next Open Source Information Management suite.

Hot topics include:
  • Big Data: to analyze, manage and improve large amounts of heterogeneous data quickly, extracting maximum value from it. In a few words: Value, Volume, Variety, Velocity.
  • In-memory analysis: to access the right information in a quick, easy and effective way, supporting reliable and smart decision-making
  • Self-service BI: to open Business Intelligence to everyone - even non-expert users - and enable them to self-perform analysis on their data and produce their BI analytical documents quickly and easily, through a user-friendly and highly usable BI tool.

Further details will be available in SpagoBI 2013 roadmap, to be announced in January 2013. Stay tuned!

New SpagoBI on-line training courses scheduled in February 2013

Two on-line training courses on SpagoBI suite are scheduled in February 2013! They are delivered in English by a member of SpagoBI Competency Center, alternating on-line sessions and off-line exercises. Further details


SpagoWorld at OW2Con: the videos, photos and speakers' presentations!

Location: Paris, France
Date: November 27th-29th, 2012
SpagoWorld participated in OW2Con 2012, the annual event organized by OW2, of which Engineering Group is co-founding member. SpagoWorld gave its contribution to key-topics such as Big Data, software quality and market innovation. In particular, SpagoBI officially presented the 2013 project roadmap towards Big Data.

fOSSa 2012: download the presentations now!

Location: Lille, France
Date: December 4th-6th, 2012
SpagoWorld brought and shared its knowledge and expertise on open source software, open technologies, openness and open source licenses at the fourth edition of fOSSa (the free Open Source Software academia) conference. Download the presentations here.


SpagoBI has a new Training Partner in Columbia: Indiciumm SAS!

Indiciumm SAS, already SpagoBI Integrator Partner, is also SpagoBI Training Partner now!
The company delivers authorized SpagoBI training courses in Spanish.

Go to SpagoBI Training Partners section, to learn more on Indiciumm SAS and its training offering.

Stay tuned to SpagoWorld initiative!

Thanks to all those who followed us this year and contributed to the growth of the SpagoWorld initiative and to its spread throughout the world. Stay tuned, keep yourself active in the community and continue to follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn!

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