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SpagoWorld Newsletter N°42 - September 2012


SpagoBI 3.6 and Spago4Q 2.4 releases; announcing SpagoBI Open Day 2012 in NYC; upcoming international events; several new partners for SpagoBI round the world!
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Watch out for the upcoming SpagoBI 3.6!

SpagoBI 3.6 is being released in October. It will allow you to create your analytical documents in a more quick and effective way, thanks to a brand new user-friendly designer in SpagoBI Studio. Moreover, this new version includes some improvements that facilitate the integration of the community's contributions, adding new value to the suite and improving its overall efficiency.
Meanwhile, try SpagoBI 3.5 features in the on-line demo here!

Spago4Q 2.4 has been released!

Spago4Q 2.4 is based on SpagoBI 3.5, including the adoption of the MPLv2. Moreover it includes a new extractor allowing to retrieve information from the Atlassian Jira tracking system, as well as various improvements and bug fixes. All details are available in the release notes.
Download it now here!


SpagoBI Open Day 2012 in New York

Location: New York, NY, USA
Date: November 7th, 2012
Come to SpagoBI Open Day 2012 in New York on November 7th, 2012! The event offers an overview of the suite, a complete demo, dedicated hands-on sessions on its functionalities and much more.
Participation is free, upon registration. Save the date!
Further details will be available soon on SpagoWorld and SpagoBI websites.

Upcoming events in France

Location: France
Date: October - December 2012
SpagoWorld team will participate in two prominent open events in France to share its experience: OWF ( and fOSSa (
In particular, at fOSSa we are going to give a hands-on workshop on SpagoBI suite.
Further details on these events will be available soon on SpagoWorld and SpagoBI websites.

Big Data seminar with SpagoBI in Trento, Italy

Location: Trento, Italy
Date: October 2nd, 2012
SpagoBI participates in the Big Data Seminar Series, organised by TrentoRise in Trento (Italy).
Gabriele Ruffatti and Monica Franceschini give the speech "What's next for SpagoBI suite to address the new information management needs". The presentation introduces SpagoBI long term vision and offers a technical insight into SpagoBI architecture, highlighting the main aspects to be considered when planning the evolution of the suite to meet new Big Data management requirements.
If you wish to participate, contact us for further information.

SpagoWorld participates in OW2Con 2012!

Location: Paris, France
Date: November 28th-29th, 2012
SpagoWorld participates in OW2Con 2012 - The Open Source Initiative. In particular, SpagoBI will present its approach to Big Data; Spagic will present a new relevant use case in the Public Administration domain; Spago4Q will present a recent integration use case supporting the development and quality assessment of software products and projects.
Further information, including the agenda, will be available soon. Stay tuned!

SpagoBI supports ARcTIC 2012

Location: Bologna, Italy
Date: December 17th, 2012
SpagoBI supports ARcTIC, the International Conference aiming at making innovation happen, differently.
The purpose of ARcTIC is to foster a shift in the culture and in the way of doing innovation: by making applied research central to the way the world does business as well as capillary in the economic system as a whole, industries and universities can identify mutually rewarding opportunities and deliver ever more significant contributions to the common wealth, culture and the fabric of society.
Further details


Phidias is the new SpagoBI Integrator Partner!

SpagoBI has a new Integrator Partner: Phidias.
Phidias is a French integrator of open source management solutions. SpagoBI suite allows Phidias to extend and complement its offering according to its philosophy, to be an official partner of the editors of the solutions that the company integrates.
Further details

SpagoBI open approach fosters its adoption at the international level!

Various new Supporting Partners are fostering the spreading of the suite at the international level, including Deedoc Consulting (USA), Elitesystem (Ecuador), Naumen (Russia), Orbilio (France), Riab Systems (Chile), Vertizone (India).
Further details

DSource, SpagoBI Supporting Partner, was at Software Freedom Day!

SpagoBI suite was presented at Software Freedom Day 2012 by DSource (, a Filipino-owned IT company based in Ortigas Business Center (Philippines) that is SpagoBI Supporting Partner.
Further details

SpagoBI contributed to the success of the most important event on free software in Latin America!

SpagoBI participated in FISL, the International Free Software Forum in Puerto Alegre in Brazil, both in the conference program and in the exhibition area within OW2 booth.
Andrea Gioia, SpagoBI Architect, showed how SpagoBI supports the extensive information management in the Business Intelligence domain according to the agile, mobile and real-time approaches.
Download and listen to Andrea's presentation here.
Watch some photos of the event in the Photogallery!

New article on the Real-time BI with SpagoBI in a Brazilian magazine!

Read the article by Grazia Cazzin (SpagoBI project leader) and Alessandra Toninelli (SpagoBI Consultant), appeared in Admin Magazine (issue n. 6, June 2012). It focuses on SpagoBI suite and how it supports the Real-time BI, allowing you to monitor your business processes, events and activities anywhere, also through mobile devices.
Read the article (in Portuguese)

New report on SpagoBI roadmap including big data and in-memory analysis!

451 Research, a division of the leading global analyst and data company The 451 Group, has issued a new research analysis focused on SpagoBI suite and its upcoming features, defined in the 2012 project roadmap, also including Big Data and in-memory analysis.
Read the report (for subscribers only)

Buy SpagoBI book now!

The first complete book of SpagoBI, entitled "Business Intelligence with SpagoBI", is available in SpagoWorld Shop. It provides a complete overview of the suite. It supports users with different levels of expertise in developing business intelligence applications and projects using SpagoBI. Find out more and download the preview here!
Buy the book now!

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