The use of a meta-model to support multi-project process measurement

Date: December 05, 2008

Source: A. Colombo, E. Damiani, F. Frati, S. Oltolina, K. Reed, G. Ruffatti, APSEC 2008 Conference, Beijing

Nowadays, software companies are engaged in multiple projects delivered on heterogeneous platforms for a wide class of applications in disparate application domains. They are increasingly engaged in the co-development of software systems, involving their own staff and their partners' and customers' staff.  As a result, they must support multiple software development processes, while trying to guarantee uniform levels of process enactment and product quality across all projects. This approach can provide process measurement in a joint project, realized in multi-process business environments. It is based on a simple meta-model for computing across-process, multiple-project metrics, designed to allow to monitor CMMI compliance. The open source tool Spago4Q has been developed to support this approach and it is also capable of producing the needed measurements for monitoring a set of large-scale development projects by using different process models, in real European industrial settings.

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