Spago4Q and the Quest nD Model: an Open Source Solution for Software Performance Measurement

Date: June 02, 2010

Source: Claudio A. Ardagna, Ernesto Damiani, Fulvio Frati, Sergio Oltolina, Mauro Regoli, Gabriele Ruffatti

Here you can find the presentation shown during the international conference on open source software OSS 2010, which took place at Notre Dame University, Indiana, USA, from 30th May to 2nd June 2010.

The presentation aims to introduce an article that has been the result of the collaborative work between Engineering Group and the Department of Information Technologies, University of Milan. It describes how users can connect a formal model for process performance evaluation (QEST nD) through an open source Business Intelligence application (Spago4Q), to produce an integrated and complete environment for software performance evaluation. The article is available here.

View the presentation
Watch the video of the presentation at OSS 2010

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