Contenuti aperti, beni comuni

Date: January 19, 2010

Source: G. Concas, G. De Petra, G. B. Gallus, G. Ginesu, M. Marchesi, F. Marzano; McGraw-Hill Companies; 2008

The issue of the open source and the role that the open information is currently playing in our society are faced in the book entitled "Contenuti aperti, beni comuni" ("Open contents, common goods").

In particular, chapter n.10, entitled "Le nuove organizzazioni Open Source: ecosistemi di business in azione", focuses on the speech, given by Gabriele Ruffatti, Architectures & Consulting Director, Research & Innovation, Engineering Group, at the PAAL 2008. Here the open source is described as the ideal environment for the creation of business ecosystems, based on stirring and vibrant cooperation relations. In this context, the users (such as the industry and the public administration), can give arise to long-lasting collaborations, which foster the increase of the value in an ecological environment.

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