Engineering Ingegneria Informatica and Sinapsi announce the public release of Spago

Date: October 08, 2004

Spago, the first Wide Framework open source software developed in Italy with J2EE technology.

Spago - this is the name of this new initiative mainly aimed at the public administration and large enterprises segments - has been designed and developed thanks to the joint efforts of Engineering Ingegneria Informatica Research & Innovation Division and Sinapsi, a company based in Milan and active in Open Source issues.

Spago is a horizontal framework for the development of web and multichannel applications in enterprise environments, and it is the result of more than 4 years of expertise of these two companies in the development of applications based on Java in heterogeneous, complex and always changing software environments.

Spago is an Enterprise Wide Framework because it is a platform that allows communication among different internal and external corporate processes.

With the launch of Spago, it is the first time that a large Italian system integrator as Engineering and a company as Sinapsi, fully dedicated to open technologies through the years, give life to a joint Open Source software initiative and of great technological impact in Italy and, most likely, on other markets as well.

Other previous releases before Spago have been available on the market since 2000, and today we can count approximately 30 application projects for the the public administration, finance and large corporate groups already using the public framework with a copyleft licence. Spago's architectural soundness together with a positive feedback from the market persuaded the two companies to make it available to software developers communities and to all Italian companies, driven by the belief that this solution could contribute to the efforts that the Italian Country must undertake in order to take back and develop its own technological and innovative skills.

Spago's licence and relative documents are available both in Italian and English languages to allow international communities to use the software and give their evaluation. The hope is that Spago could receive a positive return outside Italian boundaries, though keeping the Italian imprinting of the initiative, also thanks to its brand name.

Engineering and Sinapsi have already outlined an evolutive road-map and a valid system of governance for the initial six months of the project. Throughout this period, suggestions and contributions coming from software developers communities will be collected, with the goal of progressively increasing Spago's spreading, though confirming Engineering and Sinapsi's commitment and support on the project.

This initiative has also the objective to give concrete answers to the public administration segments and to the enterprises, which, whilst appreciating cost-efficiency and quality of the Open Source Software, have highlighted some weaknesses, first among all the maintenance and assistance aspects. Spago will be released with a dual licence, a “free”one (GPL – General Public Licence) and a “trade” licence, to guarantee - to clients who may require it - consultancy and integration services as well as software support and maintenance services, supplied by Engineering and Sinapsi.

The expectation is that, in the medium-run, Spago's opening and architectural features could produce significant effects on the enterprise network operating in the Italian ICT market, through independent development of vertical applications for large and small enterprises requiring quality and cost-efficient software solutions and services.

Engineering Ingegneria Informatica
Engineering Ingegneria Informatica is among the major players of the Information Technology in Italy. With more than 3200 employees, 34 offices, including Dublin and Brussels, Engineering Group counts on a Research & Innovation Division of about 200 resources. In 2003-2004, the company planned more than 40 million of investments in research and development activities, taking part in all major European projects of software engineering, often playing a primary role within international enterprises groupings. Currently, there are 16 live research projects and more than 50 domestic and international partners collaborating through the years with Engineering in an European research context. Through the Web Development and Consultancy Division, Engineering participates in the definition of innovative architectural solutions and in the realization of complex projects for the public administration, finance and large companies.

Sinapsi was established in 1996 by a team of researchers coming from artificial intelligence laboratories of a multinational company operating in the oil (petroleum) industry. Founding members' vocation to applied research and a strong interest in the most innovative software technologies, among which Open Source Software since the second half of the eighties, steered the technological orientation of the company. Sinapsi has been among the first Italian companies to acquire competences on Java platforms and among the very first players of domestic software to use Open Source software in business contexts. In the year 2000, the company - managed by Giacomo Cosenza and Alberto Riva - opened a branch office in Zagreb run by Aleksandar Smiljanic and focused on the development of projects and products for third-parties. Sinapsi counts 20 staff members in Italia and 10 in Croatia.

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