Engineering and Isufi Create an Informative Integrated System for Tourism by Means of SpagoBI

Date: June 16, 2008

Engineering and Isufi Create an Informative Integrated System for Tourism by Means of SpagoBI

Rome – June 16th, 2008 – Engineering Ingegneria Informatica and Isufi, the e-Business Management School of Lecce (Italy) implemented the SpagoBI platform realizing an innovative datawarehouse supporting the tourism and cultural sector.

The system, called Virtual Incoming Agency, is in experimental phase at the moment. It supports the offer of integrated tourism services for the promotion of the territory, facilitating the encounter between demand and offer, attracting new visitors, improving the resources and increasing the sector's value by integrating the different stakeholders: tourists, agencies and enterprises.

The DW consolidates the results of some research projects of Engineering and eBMS-ISUFI, such as Teschet, MAIS, PMTT, Extendo.

SpagoBI realizes the directional dashboard for the tourism demand analysis, local offer screening, customer satisfaction and spending behaviour measurement. The definition and planning of the new development objectives of the territory are supported by a complex of sophisticated analytical features.

"The collaboration between the Isufi Management School and Engineering made possible the realization of the first Virtual Incoming Agency for tourism", says Aldo Romano, director of Isufi."It should be used first in Puglia region (Italy) and then in other high touristic Italian and foreign regions. Isufi is already working on an international best practice to realize the e-business management Mediterranean School".

"The project – says Giuseppe Sorce, technical responsible for the initiative – exploits the capabilities of SpagoBI, a cutting edge business intelligence solution well-appreciated on a large scale in various business contexts, in a context where the valorisation and the promotion of the territory are considered critical business areas with respect to the local government objectives".

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