The vision of SpagoWorld initiative

SpagoWorld projects belong to a new generation of open source projects, characterized by:

  • Holistic approach and planned development process
  • Designing solutions in complex technological domains aiming to support the achievement of business goals in various markets
  • Mature process development
  • Involvement of a wide community of users, companies and organizations, open source specialists, consultants and developers
  • Guaranteed support services.

The sustainable development of mission-critical applications for enterprises and organizations

SpagoWorld fosters the sustainable development of projects, in order to allow organizations and enterprises achieve their mission-critical goals, within a trustworthy environment, guaranteed by the software quality, the use of open standards and the innovation. The strategy adopted by the SpagoWorld projects is based on sharing the developments with the community, consolidate the open source solutions at the enterprise level, strengthen international partnerships and orient the project roadmap towards industrial initiatives. The sustainable development is characterized by:

  • Vision focused on the project objectives, evolutionary software developments, clear business models, support services and community growth
  • License model and subscription, supporting the free and long-lasting projects development
  • Reasonable costs for effective support services.

The sustainable development of an open source ecosystem

SpagoWorld projects are hosted in forges of international, independent and no-profit communities, in order to guarantee the transparency, openness, sustainability and availability of the open source code over time. This encourages the collaborative development in a durable ecosystem in which everyone contributes to the global sustainability of a wide stack of open source solutions at the enterprise level, which no enterprise could ever develop on its own.
SpagoBI, Spagic, Spago4Q and Spago projects are hosted by the forge of OW2 Consortium. The eBAM and eBPM are hosted by the forge of Eclipse Foundation.

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