Open Source Competency Center

Open Source as separate and cross-the-board competency supporting business processes and offering a complete enterprise open source value proposition.
50 resources in Italy (Turin, Milan, Padua, Bologna, Rome, Naples, Palermo) with international experience in Open Source software development and project management.
Business Intelligence, SOA (service-oriented architectures) and Quality of products, processes and services as specialized competencies.
Solutions for the public administration and companies in a single integrated offering, including services, projects and professional certified skills on the entire software stack, including basic infrastructures, middleware and solutions on BI, CRM, e-learning and others.

Offering & Competences

  • Development and management of open source projects and of the SpagoWorld initiative (
  • Development of innovative open source components and solutions coming from research in various areas, including business process modelling, digital libraries of cultural resources, centric service systems, quality, grid and cloud computing.
  • Professional, certified skills on open source solutions belonging to leading market vendors in various infrastructural and application environments.
  • Open source solutions and components selection services, according to specific assessment methods.
  • Support services for the introduction of open source solutions and components into organizations and companies, following a specific adoption method.
  • Open source component integration services in projects and software products.
  • Technical and professional services supporting the migration of existing infrastructures to open source solutions according to specific assessment/test/benchmark methods, risk management services and pilot project start-up.

Specialized teams

  • Open Source Business Intelligence: development of SpagoBI suite ( and eBAM project (
  • Service-oriented architectures and Business Process Management: development of Spagic platform ( and eBPM project (
  • Assessment of Software Quality in the development of open source processes and products; management and development of forges; collaborative software development; assessment of maturity and effectiveness of software products and development processes; development of Spago4Q platform (

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