OW2 Open Source Cloudware initiative

Engineering Group, OW2 Founding Member, and SpagoBI, the only 100% Open Source Business Intelligence suite, participate in OW2 Open Source Cloudware initiative. It is a joint effort of 28 partners from Brazil, China, Europe and the U.S.A., all sharing the following goals:

  • foster open cloud standards
  • avoid cloud lock-in
  • create an innovative and sustainable ecosystem.

OSCi aims to help the future of open source cloud computing by:
  • fostering open and interoperable cloud computing architectures
  • developing open source solutions for autonomic resource elasticity management
  • strengthening connections between integrators, vendors, users and research communities
  • attracting more attention from the research activities to foster innovative Cloudware solutions and practices
  • joining efforts with other related initiatives.

Further details:
OW2 Open Source Cloudware initiative

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