OW2 BI Initiative

Engineering Group and SpagoBI, the only 100% Open Source Business Intelligence suite, are the technical leaders of the OW2 BI Initiative.

The OW2 BI Initiative is a joint effort of OW2 and no-OW2 members, set up to:

  • improve the coordination effort in the OS BI context
  • increase the use of OS BI solutions at enterprise level
  • strengthen connections between integrators, vendors, users and research communities
  • foster innovative BI solutions and practices through research activities.

In details:
  • the Mission is to foster the growth of a business ecosystem in the Business Intelligence domain;
  • the Goals are to promote the development and evolution of a new, community-driven generation of OS BI tools, as well as innovative methodologies for their adoption and application to distributed business processes;
  • the Activities are about:
    • the integration of a full stack of OS BI solutions and tools;
    • the promotion of a service network to support the entire stack;
    • kick-starting a community contributing to strengthen the current OS BI solutions;
    • the creation of a research network on BI topics, promoting the development of a new generation of OS BI platforms.

More information:
OW2 BI Initiative

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