Integrator Partners of SpagoWorld solutions

SpagoWorld Integrator Partners adopt SpagoWorld technology in their upcoming integration projects. On the basis of their well-established relationship with Engineering Group, they ensure consistent and high-quality outcomes.

4Linux 4Linux is a leading Brazilian company providing solutions, training and services based on free and open source software. The 4Linux technical team is highly qualified and experienced in infrastructure and middleware architecture for mission-critical workloads. 4Linux has implemented open source solutions for the Federal Government Bank of Brazil (Caixa Economica Federal), which serves more than 50 million Brazilians.

Altic Altic is a French assembler specialized in Open Source Software. Since 2004, the company has given its customers an open alternative in terms of Business Intelligence Software, e-Commerce and Web portals. It assists them to implement open source Business & Management solutions (SpagoBI, JasperReports, PaloBI, Magento, Quotero, Exo, Joomla) in existing Information Systems. Altic is one of the first SpagoBI integrators in France.

BIForDecide BIForDecide is the first Tunisian open source business intelligence integrator in North Africa. Partner of both Engineering and Talend, BIForDecide offers consultancy, design, development and integration of business intelligence projects. Thanks to SpagoBI, BIForDecide realizes projects allowing the enterprise decision makers to have a set of dashboards, reports, OLAP cubes and alerts, helping them manage, analyse and control the main performance indicators of their activities in real time.

BITEC Solutions GmbH Headquartered in Austria, BITEC Solutions GmbH is an internationally working medium-sized company which uses state-of-the-art information technology to design sustainable solutions. The company offers highly qualified consulting services as well as selected IT solutions in the fields of ERP, CRM, BI and E-commerce. This way the company creates added value for their customers, in terms of market position and competitiveness, productiveness, cost structure, transparency and decision-making.

Data Verity Established in 2003 in Melbourne (Australia), Data Verity offers a large range of consulting services from database design to data mining, maximising the potential of business data. With experience in retail, services, utilities, insurance and not for profit industries and with projects for marketing, finance, human resources and operations departments, the company has a deep understanding of how data is used for business decision making.

Emblocsoft Emblocsoft, headquartered in Hong Kong SAR (China), has long experience in Business Intelligence (BI) solutions and database systems. It offers a wide range of professional services in order to meet its clients' requirements, who are located throughout the Asia region, especially in China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. Thanks to a team of specialized consultants, the company builds small-, medium- and large-scale BI applications enabling expert users as well as novices to produce tangible results quickly. Thanks to its expertise, the company allows its clients to gain deeper insights into their business data and make critical business decisions.

Indiciumm SAS Indiciumm SAS works with clients in Colombia, to identify and implement Strategic Intelligence Solutions, from the business and technical consultancy perspective. Its aim to democratize the Access to Business Intelligence, Data Integration & Data Quality, Data Warehousing, Data Mining and CRM systems as core technologies, is accomplished through the application of enterprise grade Open Source Solutions from our partners and leveraging cloud computing infrastructure. This lean and modern approach enables Indiciumm to focus in providing solutions for their customers, within the scope of current and future needs, using a project centric approach and combining the business environment, the market and the technology visions, to create a unique and thorough solution.

Inventiva Inventiva, born in 1989, is the leading technology company operating in Paraguay for all countries in South America. It offers ERP, CRM, and software solutions addressing a wide range of customers, including agricultural industries, livestock industry, supermarkets, boutiques, in addition to solutions for application development. The company operates in different domains, such as automotive, financial management, lower and higher education, as well as in the public sector.

KB2I KB2I is a leading predictive analytics and business intelligence (BI) integration company headquartered in Tunisia and operating in the EMEA zone (Europe, Middle East and Africa). KB2I's know-how and expertise cover the entire spectrum of the data warehousing and BI solution lifecycle. The company uses proven methodologies and best practices for BI to establish the tools that their clients need to translate data into actionable information. Thanks to its talented R&D team, the company delivers highly customizable software solutions using state-of-the-art algorithms for data mining and machine learning.

Konsultex Konsultex is a systems integration and consulting organization specialized in project management and related business systems, focusing on Business Intelligence, Business Process Management, ERP and CRM systems. Relying on its experience acquired in Brazil and Argentina since 1989, Konsultex offers analysis, implementation, customization, training and support services, based on open source solutions, through its team of technical and business consultants.

MIMOS Berhad MIMOS Berhad is the leader in ICT innovations in Malaysia, pioneering new market creations for partners through patentable technologies for economic growth. With Research and Development competencies in the ICT Value Chain and several years of experience, the company provides its customers with technology platforms, products and solutions. MIMOS endeavours to create a ‘Culture of Innovation’ by nurturing relationships with internal and external stakeholders, in the spirit of smart partnerships and inclusive growth models and strategies.

Ninus Consulting GmbH Ninus Consulting GmbH offers Open-Source ERP solutions to small and medium-sized companies, allowing them to optimize business processes and increase performances. Thanks to its long experience and consolidated know-how, the company provides professional support covering the ERP selection, as well as the implementation of custom-made solutions and even beyond, maintaining customers’ information systems. In Austria Ninus Consulting is leading implementation partner of the Open-Source ERP-Software AvERP.

Osmosit Osmosit is an Italian enterprise offering IT solutions and services based on open source solutions supporting the design, development and integration of information systems both in the private and public domain. Osmosit supports its customers with its expertise resulting from its long experience in the Enterprise Technology domain. In particular, it offers functional competences supporting the management of on-line payment processes and social services. Osmosit provides its customers with a wide range of solutions, products and services in various domains, such as Business Intelligence with SpagoBI, ERP with ADempiere (Osmosit is founder member of ADempiere Italia), CRM with SugarCRM, Communications (Liferay, Alfresco) and Access Systems (OpenSSO, CAS).

Quantyca Quantyca is a consulting company focused on Corporate Performance Management and Business Intelligence. The company leverages on a complete technological stack in order to analyze the clients' business according to three main drivers: Technology, Processes and Organization. Quantyca supports customers in mapping their current processes and in defining a clear optimization path. If needed, Quantyca provides them with high performance tools in order to mark out and easily monitor the most relevant KPIs.
Quantyca selected SpagoBI Suite for its Business Intelligence projects: open and standards-based, it can be integrated with other proprietary and open components, already existing in the company infrastructure, protecting the existing investments.
Quantyca offers expertise and continuous training in these technologies, combining concrete and operational experience in integration processes.

Savoire-faire Linux Savoir-faire Linux is a Canadian company headquartered in Montreal, with offices in Quebec City and Ottawa. Based on the experience of its consultants, Savoir-faire Linux provides organizations with expertise on Open Source Software through training, consulting, 24/7 support center, development and infrastructure hosting. Savoir-faire Linux is the first SpagoBI Integrator Partner in North America.

Smile Smile has been a leading integrator of open source solutions in France since 2000. Smile has produced some of the most prominent websites in France, sites with large audience and advanced features. Smile proposes several services: consulting, engineering and development, communication, training, third party maintenance. Based in Paris, Lyon, Nantes, Bordeaux and Montpellier, Smile counts 240 employees and generated 14 million euros revenue in 2007. Smile adopts SpagoBI to realize Business Intelligence projects.

Wavenet Headquartered in Belgium, Wavenet is an independent information technology services company specializing in the development and integration of computer solutions, e-business, telecommunications and business intelligence solutions. Wavenet acts in different domains and sectors, supporting its clients through development, consulting and training services.

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