What's SpagoWorld?

An open source initiative by Engineering Group

  • enterprise-grade software, highly flexible and adaptable
  • mature, robust and scalable solutions, supported by professional services
  • a healthy community sharing knowledge and expertise
  • transparent and honest communications.

Why SpagoWorld?

Because your needs are our goal!

  • result-oriented solutions, balancing efforts and costs
  • open standards, modular architectures, innovative components supporting their integration into existing environments
  • agile approaches allow to quickly achieve the best results
  • a sustainable growth, without licensing costs, at the right cost level.

How can I use SpagoWorld?

In many ways!

How can I participate?

In many ways!


The only 100% open source, complete and flexible BI suite.

  • a complete, robust, secure, scalable, industry-grade OS BI suite
  • 16 analytical areas, 21 engines
  • unique solutions: Geo, QbE, Dossier, KPIs, Interactive Dashboards, Real-time BI, Mobile BI, Agile BI.

Universal middleware for SOA/BPM solutions & governance of services.

  • a complete, robust, secure, scalable, industry-grade platform
  • it allows the realization of extensible solutions for various application contexts
  • it supports the governance of SOA projects.

The OSS platform for Quality of products, processes, services.

  • a platform highly adaptable to various organizational contexts
  • a user-friedly management system, configurable to custom SLAs
  • automatic data collection from standard or custom tools.

The java EE framework to develop web and multichannel applications.


  • it allows to provide multi-channel services to external infrastructures
  • many functions: multichannel, modules dispatching, publishing, business logic distribution, navigation handler, pagination, XML data, validation.

100% open source, forever!

SpagoWorld solutions are open source software at enterprise level

  • pure open source model: unique open source stable versions, no proprietary or enterprise versions
  • downloadable software from not-for-profit and independent open source communities
  • professional support services to be used when and how long you need them.

An entirely open source approach

A plain and transparent definition of open source rules


SpagoWorld Highlights

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The SpagoWorld website was renovated in June 2016. This is the old website, where you can find previous information related to the SpagoWorld initiative, whose history began in 2004. Some of the contents and/or links in this website could be no more valid. For the updated information please visit the new SpagoWorld website.

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