Best actors of of Spago4Q, the open source platform to measure, analyze and monitor quality of products, processes and services

Nicola Bertazzo Project leader
Nicola coordinates, in cooperation with SpagoBI Labs, the design and development of the integration capabilities and analytical components of Spago4Q - the vertical application built on top of SpagoBI suite ensuring quality of products, processes and services. Involved in the realization of projects that use Spago4Q as a monitoring and management console, Nicola is a member of Engineering Group’s Quality Technology Competency Center. He gives technical advice on software integration and identifies best practices on project development processes, application life cycle (ALM) management, project automation, team collaboration and quality improvement. He is also Project Automation teacher at Engineering Group’s ICT Academy. During his work experience, he designed and developed processes that collect information from ALM tools, define measures to monitor quality of services according to contractual SLAs, displaying them through specific analytics.

Sergio Oltolina Strategist
Sergio has been working in the ICT field for many years, defining architectural solutions and managing complex projects in the finance, industry and public administration domains. He is Senior Technical Manager at Engineering Group's Technical Innovation and Research Division, where he is head of the Quality Technology Competency Center. Sergio contributes to the growth of Spago4Q platform, providing consultancy on development strategies, processes, data models, integration practices and identification of new analytics supporting software quality monitoring. On these topics, he regularly gives speeches at various conferences and writes article for different publications. With long experience in the software testing domain, he coordinates the Test Factory within Engineering's Software Labs and regularly delivers training courses at Engineering Group's ICT Academy. His work experience includes the design of architectural solutions focused on quality monitoring, project management and software development processes.

Daniele Gagliardi Architect
Daniele is IT Solution Architect and Scrum Master at Engineering Group. He contributes to the growth of Spago4Q, focusing on the identification of new users scenarios and on the design of new components for the platform. As a member of the Quality Technology Competency Center, he offers consulting services within Engineering Group's Software Labs, which include hundreds of software engineers and developers, committed to providing enterprises and public administrations with software applications based on state-of-the-art technologies and consolidated quality standards, bringing innovation into the IT market. Daniele gained consolidated experience in the development of Java-based web applications and software products, with specialized skills on performance testing, Identity and Access Management, KPI infrastructures and digital signature tools.

Davide Dalle Carbonare Architect
Davide is IT Solution Architect and Open Source Consultant. He initially contributed to the development of Spago4Q platform and in its realization of various customers' projects. His expertise around open source ranges from code development, communications, to collaboration within communities and licensing. At present Davide manages some working groups within EU co-funded projects on Cloud Computing and service-oriented architectures (FIWARE Program, He obtained the ITIL service management certificate and the ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) certificate. He is Project Automation teacher at Engineering Group's ICT Academy.

Alessio De Rossi Developer
Alessio obtained his master's degree in Computer Science Engineering at the University of Padua, Italy. His thesis focused on SpagoBI suite and a SpagoBI-based solution supporting Location Intelligence and e-government intelligence for public administrations. At present he contributes to the development of Spago4Q platform and he is member of Engineering Group's Quality Technology Competency Center, with specialized performance testing skills.

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