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The Directorate General for Regional Policy of the European Commission has adopted the free open source platform Spago4Q, within the Project Management Service (PMS) of the A4-IT Unit. This unit is committed to delivering secure, responsive, high-quality, customer-oriented services and to fostering a productive environment for the DG REGIO. Spago4Q is part of the Quality Management System that allows the A4-IT unit to perform the continuous monitoring of quality indicators and to collect data concerning the delivered products and services.

Specifically, thanks to its extraction processes, Spago4Q allows to extract all the information needed to compute the indicators and to store them into a central repository. The data are directly retrieved from the DG-REGIO Informative System applications, in an non-invasive and scheduled way. Spago4Q allows to produce both high-level and detailed reports for each service, including the calculation and historical tracking of the contractual Service Level Agreement. Moreover, these reports provide the raw data, used for the computation of the indicators, which need to be highlighted in order to better support their interpretation.

In short, Spago4Q provides the following features:

  • It provides a global view of the Services quality indicators: an online dashboard allows the proactive monitoring;
  • It supports the weekly and monthly reporting activity, producing the official analysis;
  • It provides a collaboration environment that allows to store and share all users' comments related to the produced reports and to the management of the Liquid Damage Unit (LDU) corrections and exceptions that arise during the process.

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