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The open source Spago4Q platform has been used by Consip - a public stock company owned by Italy’s Ministry of the Economy and Finance - within the Information Technology services management, supporting the maintenance and evolution of its information systems. Consip’s mission is that of managing and developing the Ministry’s information systems, providing technological, organizational and process know-how. The company also manages the program for the rationalization of public purchases.

To carry out its activities, Consip avails itself of the collaboration of some IT service suppliers. Spago4Q has allowed the development of a dashboard that supports the constant monitoring of the service levels (Service Level Agreements - SLAs) to be observed by the service providers. Moreover, various quality indicators allow to analyze the physical and economic trend of the supply.

Specifically, Spago4Q periodically collects the data needed to define the SLAs and it monitors the values trend over time, at different levels of detail.

Spago4Q customization for Consip provides the following features:

  • it allows all the actors involved in the services supply to proactively check their compliance with the contractual service level agreement;
  • it provides global and detailed reports on SLA values, according to the frequency specified in the contract;
  • it allows to perform historical analysis on the data calculated to define the SLAs and to monitor it over time.

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