Spago4Q (SpagoBI for Quality) in the Project Management Portal of Engineering Group

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Engineering's projects offering software development and maintenance services use a support infrastructure in order to manage the service supply according to the defined quality model (CMMI, ISO 9001:2000, AQAP).

The API (Access Point to Information) portal is the access point to all services made available by the infrastructure, for the management of:

  • documents at enterprise and single project level
  • project development websites
  • risks and processes of estimation, re-estimation, planning and accounting
  • projects lifecycle (requirements, development, test, bugs management).

The integration of Spago4Q in the API portal allows the different actors involved in the project realization to monitor the project development progress according to their role (project leaders, business units managers, quality assurance managers, work team), and to check the compliance of the development process with the established quality levels.

The measurement data coming from the tools integrated in the infrastructure are registered in the Spago4Q data warehouse, creating a single enterprise knowledge base that allows various users to realize the needed analysis at different levels, thanks to SpagoBI, the business intelligence platform. The cross-process analysis and evaluations are oriented to the constant improvement of the production process of Engineering. The results are used to optimize and adjust both the quality levels, with the related standard thresholds, and the company parameters settled to support the functioning of procedures and development, management and control tools.

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