Spago4Q improves IT service quality in the finance domain

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The open source Spago4Q platform analyzes data and quality indicators to monitor the maintenance services delivered by the Solutions Laboratory of Engineering Group’s Finance Department in charge of the development of software solutions designed for financial markets.

Spago4Q allows the project managers to monitor the workflow and economic trend of the Solutions Laboratory according to specific service levels defined for each product and customer. Spago4Q offers insightful reports and dashboards with different detail levels, based on static data, volume data and performance data.

The reporting system integrates specific tools so as to collect customers' requirements, manage their tickets and monitor the project release trend. Thanks to these tools, the tickets are classified according to their nature and level of criticality, in order to define priority ranking and to monitor the cost-performance ratio of the various work teams in the Solutions Laboratory.

The analysis can be accessed via web browser, as well as aggregated and exported in different formats that are compatible with most spreadsheet management applications.

Spago4Q allows project managers to quickly identify critical situations and take immediate actions, in order to respect the agreed service levels and to ensure the service quality over time.

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