History and characteristics of SpagoWorld initiative

SpagoWorld is a Free (Libre) Open Source Initiative, founded and managed by Engineering Group.

The Initiative is composed of four main projects:

SpagoBI: the unified free/open source platform for the development of Business Intelligence solutions in an integrated and flexible environment

Spagic: the free/open source platform supporting the governance of middleware and the development of SOA applications through the realization of highly modular and configurable Universal Middleware

Spago4Q: the free/open source platform to measure, analyse and monitor the Quality of software products, development processes and sofware management services

Spago: the Java Enterprise Wide Framework for the development of web and multichannel applications in SOA environments.

Moreover, the following projects have been introduced later:

eBAM: the open source platform for the monitoring of heterogeneous services and applications and the historical analysis of data.

eBPM: the open source Business Process Management solutions, according to the OSGi specifications.

A unique vision

Several projects with similar features:

  • Free and open source software forever, released under the MPL or GNU LGPL or EPL license, adopting the "pure open source" model. The software is released as only one stable version, without any proprietary "professional" or "enterprise" version. SpagoWorld projects are industry-grade FLOSS solutions.
  • SpagoWorld solutions are complete, stable, secure, scalable and, above all, flexible. They are the right choice for building new solutions that easily and quickly adapt to end-users' requirements, not vice versa.
  • Extensible and customizable software, aiming to ease the reuse of applications and their integration into existing environments, consequently increasing the value of the applications in use.
  • Industrial level: these solutions are the result of various enterprise-level projects, where the applications are mission-critical and have to guarantee efficiency and high performance.
  • Focus on project development: thanks to their ability of understanding real users' needs as well as the peculiarities of each project, SpagoWorld solutions are the right choice to face the development of new software projects.
  • Commercial use: the licenses adopted by SpagoWorld solutions allow you to use them with different types of products.
  • Support services: each project is provided with a complete range of support, consultancy, development and training services.
  • Attention to the community and research in IT: all projects are committed to cooperate with their communities and to integrate innovations coming from academia and reaserch activities.
  • Focus on community and research: all projects have a high commitment on following the community needs and on taking in academy and research innovations.
  • Support by a large enterprise and international communities: SpagoWorld projects are developed and managed by Engineering Group, supported by OW2 Consortium and Eclipse Foundation.
  • Creation of an ecosystem based on value: SpagoWorld initiative contributes to the creation of an ecosystem that creates new value for all its participants, supported by an ever-growing partners network.

A common origin

SpagoWorld projects share a common development path, unified by the word "Spago". Why Spago (i.e. Twine)? First of all, this is not an acronym, but an Italian name (chosen by the company promoting the Initiative), characterized by an easy pronunciation. It can be used as a base for creating new names (SpagoBI, Spago4Q, Spagic) within a common ecosystem and it is suitable for an integration approach (it ties, without compelling). It may remind someone of the fine Italian cuisine: well, if you like Spaghetti, Spago software may be an excellent choice for you!

A common history

The history began in 2001, along with the necessity of the Architectures and Consulting Unit of Engineering Group (at that time called Engiweb.com) to realize a Java Enterprise framework in order to develop some projects for its customers. At the end of 2004, this framework was re-engineered and released in open source, as Spago, at first on SourceForge. In 2005 SpagoBI project was released and the solutions were transferred onto the forge of ObjectWeb Consortium. In 2006 SpagoWorld Initiative was launched and the merge of the ObjectWeb Consortium into the new OW2 Consortium began. In 2007 two more projects, Spagic and Spago4Q, were released. In 2010, after that Engineering Group joined the Eclipse Foundation, the eBAM, eBPM and GeoBI, the first initiative launched by SpagoWorld, were announced.
The story continues: detailed information on the latest evolutions is available on this website.

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