Relationship between Spago4Q project and Research

Engineering Group, the company which created and supports SpagoWorld Initiative, participates in various Italian and European research projects, both as a coordinator and as an active member. Moreover, Engineering Group works with many organizations, institutes and research laboratories.
Thanks to its research activities, Engineering Group develops and researches into new solutions and methodologies, beyond any immediate business objective, taking advantage of definite long-term benefits in terms of innovation.
Here we present the most important results.

University of Milan, Italy - Information Technology Department

SESAR (Software Engineering Software Architecture Research Lab) research group of the University of Milan, headed by prof. Ernesto Damiani, actively collaborated in the early development of both conception model and data meta-model supporting Spago4Q platform. Thanks to this contribution, the University of Milan has been the first Spago4Q platform contributor.
SESAR research group is currently actively involved in both SpagoBI and Spago4Q projects activities.

University of Milan, Italy - Department of Economics, Business and Statistics

Engineering Group works with prof. Luciano Pilotti of the Research Group of the Department of Economics, Business and Statistics (DEAS) on the analysis of issues related to open source software as a source of innovation. This collaboration lead to some important publications - some of them related to SpagoBI project - and it is the result of Engineering Group's engagement in the cross-border innovation, by developing new technologies and actively searching for new ways of looking at the market.

European research projects

Engineering Group participates in various European research initiatives and projects aiming at the development of free/open source solutions and at the analysis of the most important aspects of this phenomenon. For example, this concerns the NESSI initiative and QualiPSo project.

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