Spago4Q, the open source platform to measure, analyze and monitor quality of products, processes and services

Spago4Q (SpagoBI for Quality) is the Free Open Source platform to measure, analyse and monitor the Quality of products, processes and services. The platform is adaptable to complex organizational contexts, independently of software development and maintenance processes, infrastructure tools as well as from measurement frameworks (e.g.: GQM) and assessment frameworks (e.g.: CMMI, ISO 9001:2008, ITIL). It is suitable to the assessment of the maturity and effectiveness of the software development processes, to the supply of IT services and to the quality inspection of the released software. It also allows to collect data and measures from various projects, code repositories and further tools, through non-invasive techniques.

Spago4Q is a vertical application of SpagoBI suite. It adds to SpagoBI a specific metamodel, providing the software quality information as well as many extractors to collect data.


Spago4Q supports companies and organizations within their quality certification processes, to implement a Service Level Management system and to monitor the quality of formalized processes or IT services. Moreover, it supports different stakeholders providing them with information supporting the proactive monitoring. A configurable set of dashboards, reports and OLAP documents allows to monitor different processes, such as the management of requirements, incidents, tests and risks.

Among its capabilities, Spago4Q offers:

  • open system and compliance to "de facto" standards
  • highly adaptability to various organizational contexts
  • measurement process, which is not bound to the adopted software development process and tools
  • automatic data collection from a set of tools
  • support to a complex system of evaluation
  • measurement knowledge base: set of "library of measurements" and meta-model instances to satisfy end users' needs, providing a low cost "out of the box" solution

The evolution of Spago4Q platform has been partially funded by the European Commission within QualiPSo integrated project (INFSO-034763).

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