Participation at Qualipso project by Spago4Q, the open source platform to measure, analyze and monitor quality of products, processes and services

Engineering Group coordinated the QualiPSo project, a unique international alliance of ICT industry players, SMEs, researchers, public sector bodies and academics, whose role has been to help industry and governments fuel innovation and competitiveness with open source software. The project closed in 2010, but its activity continues trough Qualipso Community and Qualipso Competence Centers.


In particular, Spago4Q project contributes to the QualiPSo software infrastructure and factory, in order to facilitate the development and use of Free Open Source Software components, offering the same level of trust traditionally offered by proprietary software.

Spago4Q is an integral part of the software tools developed and adapted by QualiPSo project, with regard to the following activities:

  • TRUSTWORTHY RESULTS: studying qualities that can sustain trust in Free Open Source components. A detailed description of MOSST, the Model of Open Source Software Trustworthiness is here.
  • TRUSTWORTHY PROCESS: developing a new Capability Maturity Model-like approach to assessing the quality of FOSS. This model will be discussed with CMM's originators, the Software Engineering Institute (SEI), with a view to formalising it as an official extension of CMMI┬«. The new model is named OMM (Open Source Maturity Model). A detailed description of QualiPSo Open Source Maturity Model is here.

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