What's Spago4Q?

The OSS platform for Quality of products, processes, services.

  • a vertical application of SpagoBI suite
  • a non-process-specific measurement system
  • automatic data collection from standard or custom tools
  • a complex evaluation system providing user-friedly results
  • a comprehensive mesaurement knowledge base.

Why Spago4Q?

Spago4Q is the right choice for processes & services governance!

  • 100% free/open source, forever!
  • an open system compliant to "de facto" standards
  • a platform highly adaptable to various organizational contexts
  • an effective management system, configurable to adopt custom SLAs
  • various organizations has chosen it
  • supported by a large company and an open community.

How can I use Spago4Q?

In many ways!

How can I participate?

In many ways!


100% open source, forever!

Spago4Q is open source software at enterprise level

  • pure open source model: unique open source stable versions, no proprietary or enterprise versions
  • downloadable software from OW2 Consortium forge, a not-for-profit and independent open source community
  • professional support services to be used when and how long you need them

An entirely open source approach

A plain and transparent definition of open source rules


Spago4Q Highlights

Spago4Q supports Productivity Intelligence

Spago4Q allows Engineering's Software Labs to measure quality in software development processes through the Productivity Intelligence approach, which lets Quality emerge as the result of 3 dimensions of analysis: Economic benefits, Technical properties and Social impact. Read the Success Story

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