Best actors of Spago, the open source Java Enterprise Framework for the development of web and multichannel applications in SOA environments

Gianfranco Boccalon Project Leader
Gianfranco, Spagic and Spago Project Leader, is a Senior Consultant at Engineering Ingegneria Informatica with long experience in the IT field. He has valuable expertise in J2EE architectures and frameworks, in the SOA environment and in software development methods, with a specific focus on performance testing and measurements. Before joining SpagoWorld team, he worked in the development of CAD applications and in consultancy and software development of financial applications. He is currently working on Spagic evolution in the SOA domain.

Daniela Butano Spago Architect & Spagic Developer

Daniela is an IT Solution Architect and Software Developer in Cambridge, UK. She has worked at Engineering Group with valuable expertise in web application design and development, enterprise portal development, J2EE open source frameworks and SOA environment. At present, she is Spago architect and contributes to Spagic development.

Andrea Grassi Architect
Andrea has ten-year working experience as a Senior Project Manager (PMP) at Engineering Ingegneria Informatica, with in-depth technical skills. He has gained a wide knowledge of design and development of highly sophisticated J2EE applications, heterogeneous applications, middleware applications and their integration (EAI, SOA). His project management skills include the use of project management processes and agile methods (XP, Scrum). In addition to the economic management, he is in charge of the different phases of projects development life-cycle, such as modelling, requirements specification, design, code, testing, roll-out and users’ support during the project start-up.

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