Maintenance Support Service of Spago, the open source Java Enterprise Framework for the development of web and multichannel applications in SOA environments

Subscribing Spago support services, you can take advantage of:

  • bug-fixing of Spago framework software
  • access to specific support services
  • replies within a pre-defined time
  • high-quality replies, provided by Spago team members, who are in charge of the development of the framework
  • preferential access to software updates.

Service Level

Type of Service (*) Details
Number of applications 1
Number of issues unlimited
Response time 1 working day
Bug-fixing available
Tracker available
Support by e-mail available
Support by telephone available
Compatibility with previous software releases available
Updates available
Number of contacts 2
Term of the service 1 year

(*) Service Definition here?

The service is applied to Spago framework software. We offer first and second level support to open source components of third parties, integrated in the framework. In some cases, we can extend the third level support to third parties as well. For further information and pricing, please contact us.

For any further information about Spago framework Support, please contact us.

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