Spago in Veneto Region - The Regional Information System

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Spago framework has been used to realize the SIRV (Information System of Veneto Region). In the last four years about 20 projects with different characteristics and size have been developed for both citizens web access and Administration access via intranet. Main projects are:

  • Anagrafe - Farm Registry
  • Fitos - Management of phytosanitary certificates
  • Decreti – Management of digital decrees
  • Modello Unico – Management of contributions to agricultural activities
  • Stag – Statistics for agricultural activities
  • MapGeis – Management of sporting facilities
  • Web Library
  • Prosedit - Regional Publishing.
Citizens and local civil and public employees can reach all the public information via web and use all the services to carry out the main administrative procedures (query of the procedures, authorizations, controls).

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