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Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research has chosen Spago to implement the Registry of the Scholastic Buildings. The project goal is to realize a registry containing all information about buildings and scholastic centers with regional and national scope, assuring the information consistency between the regional nodes and the central node. An important feature of the application is the availability of database “local instances” with the dynamic change of the data model structure. This option allows to dynamically extend the database with new information types with the possibility to define, for each new information type, the type check to perform by integrating external systems registered in the database. Some important features of the application are the following:

  • application portability on all operating systems, application server and RDBMS
  • database information customization for regional nodes
  • data synchronization between regional nodes and central Ministry by SOAP services.

The main architectural requirement of the application is the independence from the hw/sw environment: thus it can be distributed to the different regional departments, with no technological constraints. So, the design, by means of a full open source java frameworks, grants the technical compatibility with every J2EE application server and every RDBMS. The application, when released, has been certified in the following environments:

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows; Unix, Linux, Sun Solaris
  • RDBMS: Microsoft SQL/Server, IBM UDB, ORACLE, Mysql
  • Application Server: JBoss, IBM WebSphere, Application Server SUN ONE.

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