What's Spago framework?

The java EE framework to develop web and multichannel applications

  • a Model-View-Controller architectural pattern implementation
  • a framework providing multi-channel services to external infrastructures
  • it allows to easily produce scalable and portable enterprise applications.

Why Spago framework?

It provides you with the capabilities you need!

  • a industry-grade, highly extensible and customizable solution
  • many functions: multichannel, modules dispatching, publishing, business logic distribution, navigation handler, pagination, XML data, validation
  • supported by a large company.

How can I use Spago framework?

In many ways!


100% open source, per sempre!

SpagoBI open source di livello aziendale

  • open source puro: unica versione open source, nessuna versione proprietaria enterprise o professional
  • software scaricabile dal forge di OW2, comunità open source no-profit ed indipendente
  • servizi di supporto quando servono e per quanto servono.

Approccio open source completo

Una definizione chiara e trasparente delle regole open source


Spago Highlights

Spago: the Java Enterprise Framework for the development of web and multichannel applications

Spago Framework was the first open source project of the SpagoWorld initiative - to which it gave its name - to be realized by Engineering Group.
The development of the project started in 2001 and it was released for the first time as open source software on Source Forge in 2004. In 2005 it was included in the code base of Objectweb and then of OW2 Consortium, in whose Forge Spago source code is still available.
The two latest versions are the 2.2 released in April 2007 and the 3.0 released in November 2008. The latter adds some features supporting the development of software applications in a quick and effective way.
All information on Spago are available in the "The Framework" section of this website. For any further details o support request, please contact us.

Spago 3

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