The free/open source Vision of Spagic project

Spagic is a free/open source platform, belonging to the SpagoWorld initiative, developed and managed by Engineering Group with the aim to realize free/open source enterprise-grade software, which is particularly flexible and adaptable to the end-users’ needs, involving a vibrant project community.

We believe that open source software makes a wide range of solutions freely available fostering knowledge and expertise exchange, which is a crucial element in a really free open source environment.

It is also important to develop free/open source enterprise-grade software supported by companies and a vibrant community. This allows users – enterprises and organizations – to use mature, stable, scalable solutions and a wide range of support services.
Therefore, we wish to share our vision with you, give a particular importance to your objectives and provide you with all needed information in a transparent and plain way.

Spagic project belongs to the SpagoWorld initiative. Therefore, it follows its vision of open source projects, project orientation, characteristics and history.

Our Vision

The sustainable development of a new open source projects generation!

  • New-generation open source
  • Developing mission-critical applications
  • Developing an open source ecosystem

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Your Project

Solutions developed so as to guarantee the success of your projects.

  • Project-oriented solutions
  • Agile development processes
  • Sustainable growth policy

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What characterizes this initiative, when it was founded and how it grows.

  • The characteristics: a unique approach
  • The name: a common origin
  • The history: it all began in 2001

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