Spagic, the Universal Middleware for the development of extensible SOA/BPM solutions and the governance of services

Spagic is Universal Middleware, characterized by an innovative approach to the governance and realization of SOA solutions, which are highly modular and configurable around an OSGi (Open Service Gateway initiative) kernel.

The Universal Middleware model offers a new development process which gives real answers to the increasing complexity of the architectural specifications, to reusability and to the management of the lifecycle of the various components.

Spagic modularity allows users to realize extensible solutions, which are particularly adaptable to the wide range of existing applicative contexts, offering the following features:

  • Platform independence from the target environment
  • Code reusability for different goals and containers, such as J2EE, TP, ESB, BPM
  • Optimal management of the lifecycle of different business and infrastructural components
  • Configuration and start-up of single modules, in order to realize the most suitable solution for each project.


Spagic offers a complete range of tools supporting the governance of SOA projects
  • modelling support tools
  • services definition
  • realization of forms to support users’ activities
  • deploy control, connectors
  • BPM engines
  • infrastructural services
  • containers
  • monitoring environment.

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