Commercial Training Services of Spagic, the universal middleware for the development of extensible SOA/BPM solutions and the governance of services

In order to improve your knowledge of Spagic platform and to support its adoption within your own projects, we offer you various training services, which includes free webinars, in-class courses as well as tailored training courses.
All teachers are chosen within Spagic core development team.
The courses are available in Italian and English. A certificate of attendance is issued for each participant at the end of the course.
For any information about our training services, please contact us.

In-class courses

Spagic in-class courses are available according to two different options, the in-house option and the on-site option. The in-class courses are the most suitable choice for those who want to achieve in-depth knowledge of Spagic platform, fostered by the direct interaction between teachers and participants and by the structure of the course including both descriptive overviews and hands-on sessions. A minimum of 3 (three) participants is required for in-class courses.

In-house option On-site option
This option is available at Engineering Group's Italian branch office located in Padua. This option is available on demand, at other Italian locations or outside Italy. Attendance is limited to a pre-defined number of attendees.

Tailored training courses

This option has been conceived so as to give you the opportunity to customize the training courses according to your specific needs, in terms of subjects and knowledge level. We usually suggest attending a training-on-the-job course, aiming at supporting you in the development of the prototypal phase of your new projects.
The details about the organization of the course and its costs are jointly established, according to your training goals. A minimum of 5 (five) participants is required for tailored courses.


Spagic team deliver some free web-based seminars, offering you the opportunity to learn some interesting features or solutions related to Spagic platform.
Go to SpagoWorld Webinar Center to see the complete webinars list and register.
The participation is free and access is on a "first-registered-first-served" basis.

The previous webinar presentations are available on SlideShare and in Spagic webinars archives.

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