Community Tools of Spagic, the universal middleware for the development of extensible SOA/BPM solutions and the governance of services

An active community is the strength of open source projects. Through your requirements, experiences, suggestions and contributions, we can cooperate in order to create the best solution.

Spagic platform is 100% open source forever, hosted by the forge of OW2, a global, independent and not-for-profit open source community, granting transparency, openness and open source sustainability over time. Learn more.

Everyone can:

  • get in touch with the community, asking or sending information, giving new ideas or suggestions
  • offer his/her collaboration in the development of the documentation and/or in its translation into different languages
  • find and fix bugs, suggest new requirements, implement or develop new features.

Your contribution may be included into Spagic project. If you want to contribute, please read the Open Source pages.
Get involved! Download the software code, join SpagoWorld Community, use the community tools and send your contribution.
The community is waiting for you!

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