Spagic for the UNIMIA portal of the University of Milan

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Spagic has been used for the integration of the services offered by the UNIMIA portal at the University of Milan (Italy).

UNIMIA is the private website area of the students attending the University of Milan. It gathers different services allowing them to easily retrieve all information concerning their personal university career and other information coming from the university system.

UNIMIA acts as an access point to all information concerning administrative activities, learning and secretarial services, the students' academic career, events and academic deadlines. At the same time, it is a customizable area where students can create their list of preferred websites, organize their lessons in a weekly timetable, note teachers’ references or gather useful news concerning the subjects of their interest.

Spagic platform, here adopting the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) ServiceMix, is the core of the system integrating the front-end portal and the databases of the various academic services.

UNIMIA hardware architecture is based on different Linux servers, in a redundant architecture.

The use of Spagic has allowed the modular integration of the above-mentioned services, reducing the software development time and cost. Moreover, Spagic acted as the governance system enabling a more efficient tasks allocation and integration among the various project suppliers, according to their specific expertise in university practices.

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