Spagic at the University Federico II of Naples for the automation of the collegiate bodies convocation processes

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Spagic has been adopted by the University Federico II of Naples (Italy) for the development of an infrastructure allowing the automation of the collegiate bodies convocation processes.

Spagic integration platform has met the technological requirements related to the heterogeneity of the environment, such as the orchestration of automatic processes and human workflows, the digital signature control and the web services management, supporting the documents recording and publication as well as the communication of the convocation details through certificated e-mails.

The whole system architecture is based on a Linux Server and it is composed of:

  • Spagic Service Manager supporting the processes management and the services integration
  • MySQL Database for the management and monitoring of the application data
  • front-end Tomcat Web container
  • Spagic HTTP Component
  • Java SE 1.5 components
This infrastructure has allowed to cut down the time and efforts required for the bureaucratic and organizational processes of collegiate bodies meetings (publication, signature, recording and expedition of the agenda). Furthermore, the integration of certificated e-mail services has allowed the reduction of shipping charges.

Thanks to this project, the University infrastructure has also actually evaluated the benefits brought by the adoption of service-oriented architectures through a gradual approach.

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