SayService has adopted Spagic to develop an integration infrastructure for its SMART platform

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SayService SRL, a spin-off of Bruno Kessler Foundation, Italian research organization located in the Autonomous Province of Trento (, aiming to provide the market with its research results in the area of the Service Oriented Computing, has developed a software platform for the realization of enterprise and web services applications.

The SMART platform supports a user-friendly and flexible integration of already existing services, which are accessible on-line through a variety of available technologies and standards (web services, web pages, remote procedures, REST services, e-mails, SMS, proximity services).

In collaboration with Engineering Group, SayService has adopted Spagic for the realization of a standard infrastructure, which is highly integrable thanks to synchronous, asynchronous and events monitoring based connection protocols.

The application has been realized by means of Spagic platform, which:

  • offers high-level technology innovation (OSGi)
  • is scalable and can be distributed on different nodes
  • offers heterogeneous connectors and “out-of-the-box” services.
In particular, the infrastructure core is composed of three “engines” supporting dynamic requests for service orchestration, integration services and monitoring processes.

The infrastructure is based on:

  • Spagic SOA/BPM platform
  • JMS, HTTP, Quartz connectors
  • Workflow API
  • Database MySql 5.
The SMART platform has been used for the first time at the Festival of Economics 2010 in Trento, Italy. In details, the "MyFestival" application has been realized for this event, in order to allow the participants to organize their own participation in the event, thanks to an electronic agenda that is accessible by web connection and mobile phones.

To this end, some ad-hoc services have been realized, such as:

  • The opportunity to enquiry train timetables on Trenitalia’s website, which is the company that manages Italy’s national train network
  • Information parsing from websites including information on catering services, sights, events of cultural interest as well as wrapping of Google geo-location services and of some mobile services (SMS push/pull, MMS push/pull).
The following components and technologies have been used:

  • HTTP connectors
  • JAVA 1.6 custom components
  • Google Protobuf, XStream libraries and Cobra toolkit.

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