AUSL Cesena (Italy) Adopts Spagic for the Management of Its Healthcare Processes

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By means of the VENUS project, the AUSL Cesena (an Italian Public Healthcare company) has realized a platform able to design, develop, monitor and manage the healthcare processes in order to integrate approximately 20 applications that relate, on TCP/IP protocol, HL7 messages, following the prevalent message communication standard used in the healthcare sector.

The guidelines in the definition of the architecture have been: reliability, robustness, high service availability and performances. By means of Spagic, a SOA/BPM integration platform compliant with "EDI" HL7 architecture model has been realized, improving the efficiency of all the actors involved in integration processes: architects, developers, system and services managers.

Spagic provides the following advantages:

  • adoption of an open source solution as SOA/BPM Integration Platform
  • the same component (HL7), exposed by different interfaces and protocols (HTTP/SOAP, TCPIP, FILE, FTP, JDBC)
  • easy integration of all applications by means of the visual tool Spagic Studio
  • availability of all information present in HL7 message by Spagic Enterprise Monitor
  • one interface for the entire infrastructure
  • security mechanisms availability.

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