Spagic for the Italian Public Administration for the electronic healthcare information system

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Spagic has allowed the Veneto Region - a Regional Department of the Italian Public Administration – to develop a project for the monitoring of the local healthcare expenditure in accordance with the Italian law and for the implementation of the electronic prescription.

This first step will lead to the full dematerialization of medical prescriptions, within the electronic prescription life cycle management process, which ends in the delivery of the healthcare service to the patient.

The realization of this electronic healthcare project crucially supports the health and welfare monitoring, in terms of expenses, pertinence, prevention, scheduling and organization. These results have been attained also thanks to the availability of contextual information concerning the delivery of prescriptions and healthcare services, with remarkable advantages from the organizational and decision-making points of view.

The information architecture allows to recover the prescriptions issued by all doctors of the twenty-one local health authorities and two local hospitals, within a unified Italian regional healthcare system (SAR).

It centrally manages all the verification and transformation processes allowing to send the information to the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance, thus supporting clear management economics.

The implemented information components, which have been provided by Spagic platform, manage the acquisition of prescriptions, their verification and arrangement into the exchange format, before being sent to the central system. The solution is based on the international healthcare standards IHE CDA (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise - Clinical Document Architecture) and WS-* (SOAP and WS-Addressing) supporting the recovery of the prescriptions from enterprise repositories. The hardware adopted by the Italian regional healthcare system is based on Linux servers, arranged on redundant architectures.

The system works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and manages about 60 million prescriptions a year, at full performance.

Local health authorities can take advantage of the daily reports necessary to properly track the sent prescriptions and to monitor the quality of the provided data. At the regional level, the infrastructure provides the monitoring tools (Spagic Console) allowing to check the proper functioning of the platform.

Spagic has allowed to integrate the services into a modular solution, to save time and realization costs, compared to usual development projects. Moreover, it manages the distribution of the various realization processes and the integration of the results among the various actors involved in this development project.

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