Nuova Trend adopts Spagic for the ISVAP Insurance Cost Estimation System

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ISVAP, the Italian Organization to Monitor the Private and Public Interest Insurances, has created a new centralized application for the cost estimation of a car insurance, in the context of the set of rules concerning the national car insurances policies named “RC Auto”.

ISVAP has asked the insurance agencies to release a webservice which supplies an anonymous cost estimation in a standard format. Nuova Trend, a company of Engineering Group producing insurance and banking software solutions, has realized a new customizable product. It adds various integration functions to the ISVAP requirements which are crucial for the insurance agencies.

The core of the product back-end has been realized with Spagic. It allows the asynchronous management of the requests coming from the different ISVAP servers, the interfacing with the cost estimation engines and the input and output standardization towards the institutional systems.

The adaptation of the institutional standards to those of the specific company is made by an XSLT transformation.

The product has been installed on different 32 and 64 bit systems: Microsoft Windows, Linux Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Novell SUSE Linux, Sun Microsystems JVM 1.5.x - 1.6.x, IBM JVM 1.5.x.

The solution is realized thanks to the open source Spagic infrastructure, which is composed as follows:

  • ESB platform: Apache ServiceMix
  • RDBMS: Oracle 9 and 10g, MySQL 5.0.x
  • Mapping e XSLT: Altova MapForce
  • Realized services: JBI, LwContainer, WebServices, groovy scripts, JMS, XSLT.

Main benefits of the solution are:

  • the adoption of the open source solution Spagic to implement a SOA/BPM model easily adaptable to different platforms
  • the adoption of the XSLT standard in order to support both the changes of the communication standard in a flexible way and the innovation of the cost estimation engine
  • the realization of infrastructural and process testing services.

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