Spagic platform is 100% open source software, forever!

Spagic platform is 100% open source forever: it adopts the pure open source model and is released as only one stable version. It is an alternative to the "dual-licensing" or "open core" model, which also includes a parallel proprietary software release as an enterprise or professional version.

In order to guarantee the open source transparency, openness, sustainability and availability over time, Spagic software is downloadable from the forge of OW2 Consortium, a no-profit and independent open source community.

Spagic project belongs to the SpagoWorld initiative: therefore it follows its licensing, governance and contribution guidelines.


All information on the open source licenses of the SpagoWorld solutions.

  • Software licenses
  • Documentation licenses

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How the projects teams and SpagoWorld initiative are organized and managed:

  • Project roles and responsibilities
  • SpagoWorld Board

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How to contribute to the development of the SpagoWorld solutions.

  • Contributor License Agreement
  • Coding and contributing guidelines

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