The subscription is applied to one single server, with an unlimited number of CPUs and users. The different price levels are applied to the different possible configurations of Spagic platform:

  • Spagic BPM: it allows the orchestration of manual and automatic services by means of processes on Business Process Management (BPM) servers, without using any ESB services through MQ modules on Java Message Services (JMS).
  • Spagic ESB: it allows the management of the integration activities through Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), without using any orchestration processes.
  • Spagic ESB/EBM: it allows the realization of XaaS compliant solutions, supporting RIA clients based on Google Web Toolkit. This option allows the configuration of mixed solutions including applicative, ESB and BPM nodes, on dedicated Spagic Servers or on certified Application Servers.

Module Area Price
Spagic BPM Business Process Management 6,000
Spagic ESB Enterprise Service Bus 6,000
Spagic ESB/BPM ESB/BPM Integration 8,000
Spagic Universal Middleware Applicative, ESB and BPM 12,000

All prices are in Euro. VAT and local taxes (if applicable) are not included.

Spagic support services are supplied according to the above-mentioned modules, the released bundles (connectors and services), the certified environments and the above-mentioned service level. For any tailored service, please contact us.

The service is applied to Spagic software. We offer first and second level support to open source components of third parties, integrated in the platform.

Service Level

Type of Service (*) Details
Number of servers 1
Number of issues unlimited
Response time 1 working day
Bug-fixing yes
Tracker yes
Support by e-mail yes
Support by telephone yes
Compatibility with previous software releases yes
Updates yes
New features yes
Number of contacts 1
Term of the service 1 year

(*) Service Definition here.

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