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SpagoWorld projects are developed and managed by Engineering Group, an IT company which has decided to embrace the free/open source software, in order to foster the adoption of open source solutions and encourage community involvement, according to a specific vision. Further information is available in the Vision section of this website.

Setting some precise rules allowing to manage open source projects successfully is essential to foster software development and community participation. The roles and responsibilities of the participants in this initiative follow.


Users take advantage of the project developments and play an active role in the project community. Upon registration, they can use the community tools and actively participate in the community by giving suggestions, providing new development ideas and reporting bugs. This is a basic thus important level of participation.


Contributors actively participate in the project development, by providing their own original contributions, including software improvements or new original pieces of work aiming to enrich software or documentation. There are two participation levels. The first one allows them to provide limited contributions and/or bug fixes or to make small improvements to the project documentation. The second level gives them the opportunity to play a more active role in the project growth.

In this second case, contributors send the project team original code or documentation to provide new functionalities, enrich the existing functionalities or adapt the software to existing infrastructure environments. To participate, you shall send your contributions to the project team, which will consolidate them after having checked them in the project repository. The asknowledgement process may include an exchange of communications by direct access to the project repository.
In both cases, contributors shall pre-emptively sign the project Contributor License Agreement.
Contributors keep the rights on their works, since Engineering Group receives a "copy" of the contribution, while the person who contributes retains his/her intellectual property and full rights on his/her own work. To become a contributor, contact the project leader.

Project team

The project team is in charge of guaranteeing the evolution of the software and documentation over time. It contributes to promoting and spreading the solutions that have been developed using the specific project. The team also supports the community in learning how to make best use of them. Moreover, it is responsible for the periodical update of the project roadmap. The project team also provides the community with requested information and tools.

The project team includes various roles: Developers, Architects, Consultants and the Project Leader. The current composition of the project team is available in the Team section of this website.

SpagoWorld Board

SpagoWorld Board is common to all SpagoWorld projects and includes all porject leaders and three members who support the initiative as a whole. The Board is responsible for ensuring that the single projects follow the predefined objectives and operate according to a transparent and open approach. Moreover, they are in charge of managing the promotion and diffusion of the SpagoWorld initiative, also guaranteeing that the various activities are carried out in accordance with the initiative guidelines. The Board chooses the project leaders and can decide to modify the governance rules according to the community growth. The Board meets periodically – at least two times a year – and decisions are taken by consensus.

The current members of the SpagoWorld Board are:

Gabriele Ruffatti Gabriele Ruffatti
SpagoWorld founder
gabriele [dot] ruffatti [at] eng [dot] it
Antonio Majori Antonio Majori
SpagoWorld advocate
antonio [dot] majori [at] eng [dot] it
Stefano Scamuzzo Stefano Scamuzzo
SpagoWorld advocate
stefano [dot] scamuzzo [at] eng [dot] it
Grazia Cazzin Grazia Cazzin
SpagoBI project leader
grazia [dot] cazzin [at] eng [dot] it
GianfrancoBoccalon Gianfranco Boccalon
Spagic and Spago project leader
gianfranco [dot] boccalon [at] eng [dot] it
Sergio Oltolina Sergio Oltolina
Spago4Q project leader
sergio [dot] oltolina [at] eng [dot] it
Angelo Bernabei Angelo Bernabei
eBAM project leader
angelo [dot] bernabei [at] eng [dot] it
Andrea Zoppello Andrea Zoppello
eBPM project leader
andrea [dot] zoppello [at] eng [dot] it

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