Commercial Consulting Services of Spagic, the universal middleware for the development of extensible SOA/BPM solutions and the governance of services

We offer consulting services to people who use Spagic within their company with the aim to develop a software project for their personal use or for third parties. Our support services are designed to assist you in designing, developing, deploying and delivering your solutions using Spagic. Moreover, we support you in problem-solving and bug-fixing activities, during the production phase.

All support services are provided by Engineering Group. Spagic core team will grant you the best level of expertise.

All support services are supplied in English and Italian language.

We can offer you the different options that are described below. In order to find the best solution fitting your specific needs and for information about prices, contact us.

Spagic Proof of Concept

This service helps you to evaluate Spagic as the most suitable platform for the development of your project. It includes:

  • context definition, to identify the objectives and requirements
  • assistance during the realization of a first basic prototype
  • final report, including the final recommendations to achieve your goals.

In some days, we will provide you with the necessary support and information that allow you to choose the most suitable solution for your needs.

Spagic Quick Start Program

If you have already chosen Spagic, we can support you to become comfortable in using it. The service includes:

  • on-site training, helping you to be comfortable with Spagic
  • on-site support, helping you to deepen the knowledge of the training with some days of training-on-the job during the first activities of your project.

In some days, we will provide you with the basic technical knowledge that allow you to work in your project.

Ad hoc packages

If the above-described options don't suite you, ask for an ad hoc package! We'll find the best solution for you. We can set up a team, involving our project specialists, architects and developers.

On-site consultancy

This service provides a project specialist or consultant, supporting you in the inception of a project by means of Spagic.

Development services

Do you need a feature or a component which is not provided by Spagic platform yet?

We can help you, making you reach your goals within the deadline. This way, you also contribute to the growth and enrichment of Spagic platform with new functionalities and features, according to your requirements, which represent the real end-user's needs.

Spagic team will develop the needed sofware according to your specific requirements and release it within the scheduled deadline. The software will be also included into a new Spagic platform release, as your contribution. This way, the service guarantees a prompt reply to your needs as well as the opportunity to continue to receive the needed support to the developed components over time. In order to thank you for your contributions, we'll offer you some special development rates!

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