What's Spagic?

Universal middleware for SOA/BPM solutions & governance of services.

  • a complete, robust, secure, scalable, industry-grade platform
  • based on OSGi kernel and eclipse BPM core, it provides many features allowing users to realize extensible solutions, adaptable to a wide range of existing applicative contexts
  • it provides a complete range of tools supporting the governance of SOA projects.

Why Spagic?

Spagic is the right choice for BPM, SOA and governance of services!

How can I use Spagic?

In many ways!

How can I participate?

In many ways!


Spagic services definition

  • how to configure a service, link it to a connector, deploy and monitor it
  • how to configure a service that makes XSLT-mapping, linked to a connector calling the service using the HTTP protocol.

Spagic process modeling

  • how to model a simple process, to configure the services implementing it, to link it to input/output connectors, to deploy and monitor it.
  • see a simple process design through an automatic task executing a scripting service
  • see the whole configuration process of the services and related connectors and the monitoring of the processes and its components.

Spagic process creation

  • how to configure services that implement a complex process and its main parts, focusing on automatic and manual tasks
  • how to configure the orchestration service and link the service to input and output connectors and deploy it
  • how to deploy and monitor the process.

User interaction through PDF files

  • how users interact through the compilation of arbitrary complexity forms and layouts.
  • how Spagic workflow APIs allows the partial compilation and materialization of PDF files
  • how users can save data during the forms compilation.

100% open source, forever!

Spagic is open source software at enterprise level

  • pure open source model: unique open source stable versions, no proprietary or enterprise versions
  • downloadable software from OW2 Consortium forge, a not-for-profit and independent open source community
  • professional support services to be used when and how long you need them

An entirely open source approach

A plain and transparent definition of open source rules


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