Shared Property and Open Source – The Role of Knowledge in Emerging Ecologies of Value

Date: February 26, 2009

Source: L. Pilotti, A. Ganzaroli, Franco Angeli Edizioni, Milan (Italy), 2009

The web development, especially in its recent 2.0 architectural version, has caused the increase and spread of production and, above all, innovation models (ecology of value), based on the sharing - rather than the exclusion – of resources among a multiplicity of agents, communities, institutions and enterprises, participating in the realization of a project and of a common good. The research of the two authors is based on this statement of fact. They are exploring the recent evolutions of the property assets in relation to the governance of knowledge, of business and of their co-evolutionary action in the context of dynamic eco-systems, such as the contemporary economic systems generated by processes of widespread network externalities, compatibilities and strategic-operative interdependence. The main thesis rising from the pages of this book is that these processes create the basis for emerging ecologies of value that are able to coordinate different sources of diffused creativity better than the markets. This creativity is continuously enriched with the knowledge and experience co-produced by a wide network of agents, communities, institutions and enterprises. In many cases, the consequence is a new emergent form of corporation, called meta-Corporation, characterized by openness, sustainability and responsibility.

Very interesting is the reconstruction of the different network levels and the various value contributions regarding Engineering's experience, a company called to invest in an inclusive governance process, able to attract and preserve creative resources and widespread innovative abilities. In particular, the building of an open source community around the development of SpagoBI, the free business intelligence platform of Engineering, is analysed as an example of emerging sponsor-based ecology of value. However, open source is a new emergent philosophy of innovation, which embraces many other fields, such as bio-technologies, news and infotainment.

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