Engineering's new portal hosts open source case histories using Spago and SpagoBI solutions

Date: October 02, 2006

A new portal for open source solutions developed and managed by Engineering's Research & Innovation Division is on-line!

Rome, 2nd October 2006 – A new portal for open source solutions, developed and managed by Engineering’s Research & Innovation Division, is on-line at and This site is a showcase of projects, services, and of the Group’s approach toward open source best practices.

The portal, today available in English language and accessible from Spago and SpagoBI websites - the two open source solutions developed by Engineering - gathers information, services and success cases developed for business enterprises and Public Administrations, hosting a point of information on other open source solutions, as eXo Platform, and positioning Engineering both as contributor as well as technological partner of other open source companies.

Here you can also find a specific section for new initiatives, such as SpagoWorld, the community meeting point, and Open Source Services Network, for the launch and spread of support services to Spago and SpagoBI, but also for solutions developed by companies collaborating with Engineering as a network.

“This initiative is targeted on a new generation of open source projects – said Gabriele Ruffatti, Architecture and Consulting director in Engineering’s Research and Innovation Division – developed thanks to the enterprises’ holistic approach on strategies, development plans, design in vertical application domains and tailored on users’ needs, matures development process, role of the international Community made-up by users and enterprises taking actions on open source solutions, guarantees coming from the professional support services network.”

It is the point of contact for communities which are active on Engineering’s projects, aiming at sharing requirements, experiences and suggestions coming from the market. The new generation of tools, used for the development of “mission critical” solutions, is often managed by private enterprises working for profit, hence discouraging the participation of others. Today – instead – Spago and SpagoBI, also thanks to Engineering’s membership to the international Objectweb Consortium, are gathering a widening interest at the international level, both in countries already aware of the OS phenomenon, such as Usa and European nations, as well as technologically emergent countries as China and, in general terms, the Asian continent.
Within this context, SpagoWorld must be seen as a new initiative aiming at gathering around Engineering’s solutions a Community made-up by enterprises and users with precise business goals. Through a virtual model of “open collaboration”, companies, consultants and sector professionals and final users will be enabled to reach specific goals sharing expertise, interests, requirements and solutions.

Open Source Services Network
Enterprises and Public Administrations using open source software do not only need efficient and tested solutions, but also a support in maintenance and integration. Among Engineering’s initiatives, there is a network of companies developing open source solutions and, under specific technological partnership agreements, providing maintenance services, help desk and consulting, offering:

  • a single point of contact, reducing costs and possible complications
  • first level support, guaranteed by the closest company, avoiding distance and language problems
  • second level support, guaranteed by the company who developed the solution
  • a single proposal of support services, integrating the different proposals present on the market
  • consulting services to handle integration issues among different solutions.

Service oriented architectures (SOA) are emerging for the development of business solutions: at this point, concepts such as loose coupling of components and event-driven architectures represent a necessary requirement for the development of complex heterogeneous systems. Spago framework adds another element toward service-oriented services: the integration of JBI (Java Business Integration) represent the obvious evolution of Spago as for JBI defines the Java standard for services integration. Within this current month, the integration with AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) will be also released, in order to allow the realization of rich interfaces requiring the use of application services managed by Spago on the back-end tier.

Today the version 1.9.1 has been released, widening the functionalities available to the final user, to add notes and personal comments to the structured information contained in the various analytical documents. A collaborative workflow allows the collection in booklets that can be used to share data or to prepare meetings on specific topics such as work progress or budget forecast. The same version consolidates the integration of already supported open source analytical engines as Weka for data-mining activities and BIRT for reporting. Within the end of the year, new engines will be also released, for the integration of the platform with proprietary products, such as Business Objects and Microsoft Analysis Services. The module for the free building of own queries, already enriched by data export functionalities and by Jasper automatic report production, will be released as an independent component under the name of SpagoBIQbE.

About Engineering
Engineering is one of the major Italian groups operating in the field of Information Technology services, involved in operating several business lines including system and business integration, application management and consulting services. With a network of 37 branch offices including two abroad (Dublin and Brussels) and 3700 employees, the company has been listed in the Milan Stock Exchange since December 2000. At the end of 2005, the main growth rates were production value at 388 million euro (+20.5%) and Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization (ebitda) at 55.1 million euro (+37.5%). The group operates across all markets, offering proprietary applications mainly focused on finance, healthcare and utilities segments. Engineering plays a leading role in software research and development, coordinating several domestic and international projects through a network of 50 European scientific partners and academic institutions. For the period 2003-2007, research investments in European and domestic projects reached 50 million euro. Through the Architecture and Consulting unit, Engineering participates in the definition of innovative architectural solutions and in the development of complex projects for the public administration, finance and large companies.

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