Talend Open Studio and SpagoBI Combine Their Technologies to Strengthen the Open Source Business Intelligence & Data Integration

Date: February 21, 2007

Talend Open Studio and SpagoBI combine their technologies…

Paris, France & Rome, Italy - February 21st, 2007 – Talend, the market leading ETL Open Source software provider, and Engineering Ingegneria Informatica, Italy’s leading IT services company, today announced the completion of a technological partnership. Under the terms of the agreement, Talend Open Studio and SpagoBI will integrate each other as data integration and Business Intelligence services.

Developed by Engineering, SpagoBI is the foremost business intelligence platform in the Open Source world, the only one containing enterprise class modules. Besides satisfying the traditional analysis requirements (reporting, multidimensional analysis - OLAP -, dashboard, data mining, free inquiry) SpagoBI develops original modules specifically oriented to support the collaboration between users and the enrichment of information. With its modular approach, users can create a flexible and practical business intelligence platform that meets their specific needs.

"Our products are both technically and functionally complementary, which inspired Engineering to select Talend Open Studio; the SpagoBI platform already offers a large number of business intelligence functionalities and now it can add the market’s most effective data integration tool, in terms of ergonomics, connectivity and interoperability," said Bertrand Diard, co-founder and CEO in Talend. "This partnership allows us to expand our international presence, particularly in Southern Europe."

"This collaboration adds value to SpagoBI that integrates Talend Open Studio as a privileged ETL tool for the data warehouse feeding and as a transport and data processing engine within the platform", stated Gabriele Ruffatti, Architectures & Consulting Director, Engineering’s Research & Innovation Division. "But the partnership will go beyond, aiming at the same time at the realization of a new data integration platform on SOA architecture and more, at the supply of support services for the open source solutions".

Engineering - ObjectWeb corporate member - and Talend are joining OW2 Consortium, the new organization merging ObjectWeb and OrientWare communities, aiming at developing open source code middleware and to foster a vibrant community and business ecosystem.

"Talend and Engineering partnership is exactly the kind of relationship we expect to see developing between our members for they own benefit and that of the whole OW2 business ecosystem" said Cédric Thomas, CEO of OW2 Consortium.

About Talend
Talend is the first company to provide open source software tools for the ETL market. The company's solutions break rank with the market by supplying open, innovative and more powerful software. Talend's software is distributed under open source license. The company's flagship product, Talend Open Studio, has been downloaded over 30,000 times in less than four months. Their objective is to reach 100,000 downloads by the end of June 2007. Talend has signed partnership agreements with key industry players, including MySQL (MySQL Network Certified Partner), JasperSoft and Engineering. With operations in Europe, the United States and China, the company provides support, training and consulting services for its solution. More information about Talend: www.talend.com

About Engineering Ingegneria Informatica
Founded in 1980, Engineering is the first player of the Information Technology in Italy. With about 3900 employees, 40 branches, including Dublin and Brussels, the Engineering group counts on Research and Innovation Division of about 200 resources. In 2003-2005, the company planned more than 40 million euro of investments in research and development activities, taking part in all major European projects of software engineering, playing a primary role within international enterprises groupings. Currently there are 20 live research projects and more than 50 domestic and international partners collaborating with Engineering in a European research context. Through the Architecture and Consulting unit, Engineering participates to the definition of innovative architectural solutions and to the development of complex projects for the public administration, finance and large companies. More information about Engineering: www.eng.it

About OW2
Founded in January 2007 as a result of the merger of ObjectWeb and OrientWare communities, OW2 is an independent industry consortium dedicated to developing open source code middleware and to foster a vibrant community and business ecosystem. Building on the legacy of ObjectWeb and OrientWare, OW2 federates more than one hundred organizations and 6000 developers in Europe, Asia and the Americas. OW2 hosts over one hundred technology Projects, including Lomboz, Sync4j, eXo Platform, XWiki, SpagoBI and JOnAS. OW2 has launched market-driven Initiatives, such as the ESB/SOA Initiative and the Business Intelligence Initiative, which combine projects to facilitate their implementation by systems integrators, OEMs and end-users. As a typical global open-source organization, the consortium is also implementing Local Chapters in order to foster grassroots OW2 communities across all continents. More information about OW2: www.ow2.org

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