Engineering and Inova Partners to develop new Open Source Solutions for Business and Location Intelligence

Date: June 25, 2009

Presented the first integration between GeoBI-GeoReport and SpagoBI

Rome, 23rd June 2009 - Engineering, Italian leader provider of IT services, conceiver and developer of the free Business Intelligence platform SpagoBI, and Inova Open Solutions, Italian software house in open source environment, GeoBI project leader and GeoReport maintainer, have signed a technological partnership for the integration of their solutions of Business Intelligence and GIS.

Thanks to the agreement, these two companies are going to release an original solution created through the integration between SpagoBI and GeoBI-GeoReport. It is going to redraw the traditional borders of the Business Intelligence and of the territorial analysis based on GIS (Geographic Information System) technology.

SpagoBI manages all aspects of data security and visibility. Furthermore, it offers a complete range of analytical engines, which satisfy the traditional Business Intelligence requirements (reporting, OLAP, dashboards, KPIs, charts, data mining, free inquiry, ETL). It also offers a specific engine to plot analytical measures over static maps and navigate them from a business data driven point of view.

GeoReport is a totally open source solution, developed in collaboration with other companies and research groups. It introduces innovative concepts in the treatment and analysis of geospatial data, by using WebGIS technology together with typical Business Intelligence tools.

The integration between these two solutions gives the opportunity to combine two different analytical approaches: the business data driven approach and the territorial data driven approach. In the first case, users can extend the business analysis to the real territory thanks to the on-line production of cartographical maps. In the second case, the territorial analysis can be enriched with new contents, gathered in real time from the Business Intelligence platform.

The first result of this collaboration, based on a roadmap defined by these two companies, is the new SpagoBIGeoreportEngine, which enables the users to directly run SpagoBI analytical documents from GeoReport. The demo and its installation guide are already available here.

"This collaboration completes the development path of SpagoBI Location Intelligence" says Grazia Cazzin, SpagoBI project leader "enabling the dynamic connection between business and cartographical data, based on real geography, which allows the accurate localisation of the data of one's interest. The partnership with Inova Open Solutions confirms Engineering's strategy aimed at the development of an open integration platform model, for the creation of new value in the open source domain, in alternative to closed product platforms, meant as an asset for commercial offering".

"This first integration" - says Fabio D'Ovidio, GeoBI project leader "represents an evolution of GeoReport engine because underlines its main characteristics of flexibility and adaptation compared to other Business Intelligence platforms. SpagoBIGeoReportEngine shows a new way of satisfying the analytical business requirements through the joint use of SpagoBI and WebGIS tools for the strategic treatment of digital information, including its already predominant spatial component."


It is the free and open source software platform for the development of innovative and flexible Business Intelligence solutions. SpagoBI satisfies all traditional analytical requirements (reporting, multidimensional analysis, charts and dashboards, data mining, ETL), offering original solutions in the domains of the Location Intelligence, free inquiry, KPIs modelling, collaboration and information enrichment thanks to a continuous interaction with the end user. Conceived and realized by Engineering, it is part of the software stack managed by the International Consortium OW2, which promotes professional open source solutions, suitable for enterprise contexts. More information


GeoSpatial Business Intelligence is a recent and international open source project. It was conceived, realized and managed by the Italian company INOVA. GeoBI manages the alphanumeric component of the cartography by using the typical Business Intelligence tools with a remarkable improvement in terms of elaboration compared to the GIS technologies. In this way, the thematic map becomes one of the several ways in which the results, coming from analytical Business intelligence processes, could be displayed. GeoBI, released under a LGPL license, aims to develop a single platform composed by three software modules: GeoETL, for data extraction, transformation and load from any type of source, even from a geographic datasource; GeoReport which allows to display and extract reports by clicking on the cartographic elements which compose the map; GeOLAP for navigation of multidimensional data structures, directly from the map in which spatial dimension is cartographic. More information

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