Engineering and Novell strengthen their Partnership to promote Open Source on the Italian Market

Date: April 08, 2010

The collaboration between Engineering and Novell has brought to the innovative open source SpagoBI Analytical Appliance for the Business Intelligence market

Rome, April 8th, 2010 – Engineering, the Italian leading provider of IT services, and Novell, leading provider of infrastructure software, have announced their new partnership agreement today. Engineering, already Novell System Integrator Partner, is now Novell ISV Partner, thanks to the integration between Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and SpagoBI, the only entirely Open Source Business Intelligence suite.

The collaboration between Novell and Engineering’s SpagoBI team has brought to the new Open Source SpagoBI Analytical Appliance for Business Intelligence projects, thanks to SUSE® Studio™, which is an innovative tool for the development of software appliances based on Suse Linux Enterprise, as part of the SUSE Appliance Program (

The Analytical Appliance integrates SpagoBI, the open source suite covering all the analytical areas of Business Intelligence projects, Novell Suse Linux Enterprise Server 11 and MySQL Database. A new version integrating Ingres Database will be available soon.

This seamless, on-ramp and ready-to-use solution offers the entire stack of appliances and the requested operating system in various formats (virtual machine, USB Disk and LiveDVD images), in a complete ready-to-use environment, allowing users to quickly start their own BI projects.

SpagoBI Analytical Appliance is released as an entirely open source virtual machine, downloadable from the OW2 Consortium forge ( It is the result of the efforts of Engineering’s SpagoBI team within the OW2 BI Initiative ( This is an activity driven under the umbrella of the OW2 Consortium (, which is an independent industry community, dedicated to developing open source code infrastructure and to fostering a vibrant community and a business ecosystem.

Engineering and Novell jointly support the Appliance: users seeking a simplified service model can subscribe to a single maintenance support, supplied by Engineering’s SpagoBI team. More information about the Appliance:

"This partnership with Novell strengthen Engineering’s position as an open source solution provider in Italy and abroad, promoting and supporting both its own open source solutions and third parties’ ones" says Gabriele Ruffatti, Engineering's Architectures and Consulting Director. "Novell SUSE Studio is the right choice to build appliances by means of SpagoBI, the only entirely Open Source Business Intelligence suite, which is easily adaptable to a wide range of infrastructural environments and users’ needs".

Engineering Group
Engineering Group is the major Italian player in IT design, outsourcing, product and consulting services on all vertical markets, with more than 6,300 people and 40 offices in Italy, Ireland, Belgium and Latin America. Engineering Group has one of the largest Research & Innovation departments, relying on 250 researchers. The Business Intelligence and Open Source Competence Center is part of the Research & Innovation Department, which manages the SpagoWorld Initiative, including the open source projects SpagoBI, Spagic, Spago4Q and Spago.
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Through its infrastructure software and ecosystem of partnerships, Novell (Nasdaq: NOVL) harmoniously integrates mixed IT environments, allowing people and technology to work as one. The company delivers the best-engineered, most interoperable Linux platform and a portfolio of integrated IT management software that help customers worldwide reduce cost, complexity and risk. Because of its 25 years of experience and its vision of interoperability and flexibility, Novell delivers powerful, next-generation business infrastructures that enable its customers to stay competitive.

SpagoBI Suite
SpagoBI is the only entirely open source Business Intelligence suite, supporting the development of innovative and flexible Business Intelligence solutions. SpagoBI satisfies all traditional analytical requirements (reporting, multidimensional analysis, charts, dashboards, data mining, ETL), offering original solutions in the domains of the Location Intelligence, free inquiry, KPIs modeling, collaboration and information enrichment, thanks to the continuous interaction with end users. Conceived and realized by Engineering, it is part of the software stack managed by the international Consortium OW2, which promotes professional open source solutions, suitable to enterprise contexts.

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